Frequently Asked Questions


Are your services covered by my insurance plan or OHIP?

Depending on your coverage, most insurance companies provide a set amount of speech therapy coverage per year per family member. We are Speech Pathologists registered with CASLPO and therefore our services are eligible to be covered by your health plan. Please check with your employer or health care provider. Unfortunately, speech therapy is not covered by OHIP.


Do you travel or do we have to come to your location?

Whatever suits you best! We have a facility conveniently located in the heart of the Toronto, but we’re happy to come to your home, office, or long-term care facility to provide speech therapy services.


Is my child too young for Speech services?

Parents have a great intuition about their child’s development. If you have any concerns about their progress in the areas of speech and language, it’s never too early to speak with a Speech Therapist. We can provide you with information on developmental milestones as well as strategies to help facilitate speech and language development.


I don’t think I have any speech issues but I have been told I do. Can you help?

Absolutely! Sometimes it’s difficult to self-monitor, which means you may not be able to hear your own speech errors. We will lend our professional expertise to help determine if an actual impediment exists and how to address it.


How many sessions will it take for me to be able to speak clearly?

It's difficult to say, since every person has individual needs and progresses at different rates. There are several factors to consider, including diagnosis, motivation, age, and severity of impediment. After an assessment, we will be able to provide a more accurate timeline and a better indication of expected outcomes.


Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, you do not need a referral in order to receive speech therapy services. You may receive a recommendation from a physician, dentist, psychologist, or school, but it isn't a requirement in order to begin treatment.