Speech Therapy for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Infants are born communicators.

They know instantly how to get what they want or need through crying. As a parent, you quickly become adept at learning the subtle differences in your infant's cries, and are able to satisfy their need to be fed, changed, or comforted.

As your baby grows, his/her needs and wants become more complex and, as a result, a more complex means of communication is needed. Infants begin to understand that the gestures and sounds they make have meanings associated with them, and using these new means of communication can get them exactly what they want. Instead of crying when they are hungry, they may say "ba-ba" to draw your attention to their need for milk. They soon discover that using sounds and words is more efficient than crying. This small step is one of many in typical speech and language development milestones.

If you feel your child might have a speech delay, please click on the tab that corresponds to their age below and see if they’ve met the milestones outlined.

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. If your child does not appear to have reached a milestone at an expected age, it does not necessarily mean that he/she will have difficulty with their speech and language development. We offer comprehensive Speech Assessments to determine if your child would benefit from a client-focused therapy program that involves you, the parent or guardian, every step of the way. We've helped hundreds of kids improve their speech & communication and we can help your child, too!

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6 Months Old

By 6 months your child should… Make eye contact, Startle to loud sounds, Quiet down in response to a voice, Have a social smile, more

9 Months Old

By 9 months your child should... Understand "no", Distinguish different emotions in the tone of speaker’s voice, Turn to look at new more

12 Months / 1 Year Old

By 12 months, your child should... Understand 3-50 words, Respond to simple directions, Imitate speech sounds, Typically use 1 word more

18 Months / 1.5 Years Old

By 18 months, your child should... Follow simple directions, Identify a few body parts, Respond to Yes/No questions, Express approximately more

24 Months / 2 Years Old

By 24 months, your child should... Point to pictures in a book when named, Point to body parts with good consistency, Express 200 - 300 words, Use more

30 Months / 2.5 Years Old

By 30 months, your child should... Begin to understand what, who, where questions, Engage in symbolic play, Be able to talk about objects that more

36 Months / 3 Years Old

By 36 months, your child should... Understand over 1000 words, Follow 2-step commands, Use and understand "why" questions, Use speech that is more

48 Months / 4 Years Old

By 48 months, your child should... Follow 3-step commands, Use words and language to express different things - requests, directives, ideas, etc., Use and understand "when" and "how"more

60 Months / 5 Years Old

By 60 months, your child should... Have an expressive vocabulary of approximately 2000 words, Have knowledge of sound-letter correspondence beginsmore

Every child has a voice.
Let us help your child find theirs.