Summer is a time for fun!

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy their summer vacation, but we don’t want the learning to stop.

So with this in mind, we are happy to offer Summer Speech and Language Camp where your children can learn as they play! Our half-day programs are designed for school age children who need a Speech and Language boost over the summer. Goals are created to meet your child’s needs and targeted through indoor and outdoor play, including yoga, creative movement, and arts & crafts. Your kids won’t even realize they’re enhancing their communication! Whether it's improving articulation, reducing stuttering, cultivating language skills, or building social communication, there's something for everyone. Programs are customizable to best suit your child's needs.

Available Programs:

Pronunciation Playground - designed for kids with articulation difficulties and/or apraxia. We’ll work on correcting your child’s sounds, gradually moving from simpler to more complex sounds. If they have previously had speech therapy, we will help your child begin to use their improved sounds with different conversation partners in a variety of situations, helping to facilitate everyday use.

Smooth Sailing - designed for children with dysfluency or stuttering. We’ll teach age-appropriate strategies to facilitate fluency through fun summer activities. Your child will also get to practice using these strategies in different situations with different conversation partners. We’ll also discuss the emotional side of stuttering and brainstorm ways to handle their feelings.

Leap into Language - designed for those with difficulty understanding and/or expressing themselves. We will explore language while working on fun activities – whether it’s digging for fossils in the sand or making a puppet show – we’ll be improving your child’s receptive and expressive language without them even realizing it!

Summer Social - designed for those who have difficulty interacting with other kids. We will help your child with conversation starters, appropriate conversation, and the subtleties of non-verbal communication. The best thing is, they’ll get to practice their newly acquired skills as soon as they learn them!

Spots are filling up quickly! Contact us before June 24th, 2016 to receive 15% off regular prices. Call or email today to register your child!

Every child has a voice.
Let us help your child find theirs.