Speech Therapy for School-Age Children

Are you having difficulty understanding your child? Is your child struggling to clearly convey his/her thoughts and ideas at school?

Are they showing signs of frustration if he/she is not understood? Do they seem embarrassed about or shy away from speaking? If so, a speech assessment will likely benefit your child. It may not be too early to start them on the path to clearer speech. Research has shown that early intervention is key to your child’s chances of improvement.

At Wonderspeak, we will assess your child and develop a customized goal plan to help overcome their speaking challenges.

Articulation Disorders

A phonological process disorder involves patterns of sound errors.As children develop and learn to produce speech and more

Language Disorders

Language is a complex system of symbols used to convey thoughts and emotions. Language is governed by rules. more


Having your child diagnosed with autism can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Speech Language Pathologists often play a critical more


Stuttering is a disruption of fluent or smooth speech. This disruption, or dysfluency, can sometimes not only be heard, but also be seen.more

Childhood Apraxia

Childhood Apraxia of Speech or CAS is a motor speech disorder where children have difficulty saying sounds, syllables, and words. more

Early Speech Language Development

Infants are born communicators. They know instantly how to get what they want or need through crying. more

Every child has a voice.
Let us help your child find theirs.